About Fluent-C

As reported in The New York Times and USA Today, Americans are encountering issues when attempting to pay with their credit and debit cards abroad. If this has not happened to you yet, consider yourself lucky. If you have experienced this, you have the opportunity to share your story and contribute your voice.

Leading travel, financial and retail partners want to educate you on this subject—why it is happening, ways to ensure your travel experience is a positive one and what you can do to share your voice. We invite you to immerse yourself in this resource site to help prepare for the next time you, or someone you know, travels internationally.

Why is this happening?

One of the main reasons U.S. travelers are having difficulty using their credit and debit cards abroad is due to technology differences in other regions around the world. While U.S. credit cards use magnetic stripe, 22 countries are migrating (or have plans to migrate) to the more advanced and more secure chip and PIN technology.

The first credit card issuer to use chip and PIN technology in the U.S., the United Nations Federal Credit Union, has just announced its plans and Wal-Mart reported that the company will move to this technology as well in the coming year. A change is happening…learn more about it!

How can I prepare myself and take action?

This program, “Get Fluent-C,” is an effort to bring industry leaders and consumers together to ensure that the technology that your debit and credit card uses are “fluent” – understood and processed in every country around the world, across boundaries and cultures. Watch our Webcast, view our videos, read testimonials from travelers like yourself and take action to share your voice.

Robert Siciliano Robert Siciliano, digital security expert & CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com, discusses the current payment system situation and what U.S. magnetic stripe card holders need to know before traveling abroad.
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Jim Burke Hear from Jim on his travel experience in Europe with an automated ticket terminal in the train station in Amsterdam.
Jacqueline Chilton Jacqueline talks about her need to change to cash because of payments at the pharmacy and at the gas station in the South of Wales.
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